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Soviet Submarine B-427

Sovet Submarine B-427 was a Project 641 (Foxtrot-class) diesel-electric attack submarine of the Soviet Navy. Foxtrots are among the largest non-nuclear submarines ever built.

Its keel was laid down on 10 April 1971 at Sudomekh Shipyard of Leningrad. It was launched on 22 June 1971 and commissioned on 4 December 1971.

For twenty-two years B-427 patrolled the Pacific, protecting the ballistic missile submarine bastions of the Pacific Fleet while based out of Vladivostok, Russia with the exception of a few temporary postings as part of the Soviet Submarine Squadron that was for a time based at the former US Navy base at Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam. Such postings were normally for a period of between 8 to 12 months before returning to Vladivostok.

B-427 was decommissioned in 1994. On 25 July 1995, it was moved from Vladivostok to spend nearly three years at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney. It left Sydney Harbor on 31 May 1998 for Long Beach, California, arriving on 25 June and tying up next to RMS Queen Mary.

Russian Designator Project 641
NATO Designator Foxtrot-Class
Built 1972
Decommissioned 1994
Length 299 feet, 6 inches
Beam 24 feet, 7 inches
Draft 20 feet
Displacement 1,952 tons surfaced
2,475 tons submerged
Built Sudomekh Shipyard, Leningrad
Construction 3/8 inch outer light hull comprising ballast tanks.
7/8 inch QT28 Nickel Steel pressure hull.
Complement 12 officers
10 midshipmen
56 seamen
Maxi Diving Depth 985 feet
Speed 16 knots surfaced
15 knots submerged
9 knots snorkeling
Range 20,000 miles surfaced at 8 knots
11,000 miles snorkeling
380 miles submerged at 2 knots
Endurance 3 - 5 days submerged
Propulsion 3 x Kolomna 2D42M diesel engines, 2,000 hp each. 3 x electric motors; 2 with 1,350 hp and 1 with 2,700 hp. 1 x auxiliary motor with 180 hp. 3 x propeller shafts, each with 6 bladed propellers.
Torpedoes 22 maximum
Radar Surface search: Snoop Tray; I band.
Sonar Herkules medium-frequency active/passive. Feniks passive search/attack.
Electronic Warfare Stop Light, Radar Warning. Quad Loop Directional Finder.