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Los Angeles Fireboat 2 - Warner L. Lawrence
Los Angeles Fireboat 2 - Warner L. Lawrence

The Warner L. Lawrence (commonly called Fireboat 2) was acquired by the Los Angeles Fire Department in May of 2003. Designed by Robert Allan Ltd. of Vancouver, British Columbia, and built by Nichols Brothers Boat Builders of Freeland, Washington, the Lawrence replaced the aging Ralph J. Scott which had served the Port of Los Angels for the previous 78 years.

Fireboat 2 is powered by two 1,800-hp MTU 12v4000 mains, shafted to a Voith Schneider cycloidal drive. She has a stern skeg for directional stability and will do up to 13 knots. Electricity is generated by two 150-kW Northern Lights units. She has a fully equipped EMS room, a retractable diving platform that can be deployed 10 feet below the waterline and an Alaska Marine Crane with a 50 FT telescoping boom.

Ten fire monitors are driven by two 1,575-hp diesels at up to 38,000 gpm. The large monitors shoot water 600 feet at 14,500 gpm. Two under wharf nozzles in the stern discharge water at 2,000 gpm. There are also 6,000 gallons of foam concentrate available and multiple foam-capable monitors.

Architectural Drawing

Length (Overall) 114’-10”
Beam 32’-9
Depth 13’-4
Draft 6’-11”
Fuel Capacity 4,800 Gallons
Main Engines 2 x MTU/DDC 12V-4000 @ 1800 HP each
Auxiliary Engines Lugger MP 150C @ 150 KW
Propulsion Voith Schneider Cycloidal Drives
Top Speed 15 Knots