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FDNY Fire Boat Firefighter
FDNY Fire Boat Firefighter

In front-line service for over seven decades protecting New York Harbor, Fire Fighter has the hard-earned distinction of being the most award-decorated fireboat in the world, and at the time of her 2010 decommissioning she was the second oldest fireboat in front-line service worldwide.

She was the most powerful diesel-electric fireboat when built in 1938 and has fought more than 50 fires, including upon the S.S. Normandie in 1942. Other well known fires she participated in include the SS El Estero in 1943, and, perhaps most dramatically, the fire following the collision of Esso Brussels and SS Sea Witch in 1973.

Firefighter was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1989.

Designer Gibbs & Cox
Builder United Ship Yards - Staten Island, NY
Launched August 26, 1938
Length 134 feet
Beam 32 feet
Draws 9 feet
Displacement 600 Tons
Power Diesel Electric
Two 16 Cylinder engines - 1500 HP each at 750 RPM
Propulsion Twin screws - 3 blades each, 6 foot diameter
Fire Pumps Four 2 stage fire pumps - 5000 GPM each at 150 PSI