LV 605 - Main Deck (Bow)

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The structure with the portholes is the Wheelhouse or Pilothouse. Forward of the Wheelhouse is the foremast and by panning up the mast the gallery which served the original 375mm lens can be seen. Panning clockwise across the deck notice the white hatch to the forward hold and the two drum like objects which are the gipsy heads used for hauling in heavy line. The anchor chain passes through the spray shield which helps deflect any seas coming aboard over the bow in heavy weather.


The main anchor used by lightships is this country was the mushroom anchor. The name is derived from the anchor's shape, which is very much in appearance like that of a mushroom, with a large round head connected to a long tapered shank.

Due to its superior holding power, the "mushroom" became the standard anchor for use aboard lightships in this country. Varying in size from 3,000 to 8,000 pounds, the anchor would normally be stowed in the hawse pipe extending from the bow on the centerline of the ship. Frequently the spare anchors were also mushroom anchors, although the newer lightship often carried standard 5,000 pound "Navy" anchors. When deployed, the anchor would be attached to the end of a length of chain that would normally be let out to 7 to 8 times the depth of the water. When "stowed", the anchor would fit snuggly into the hawse pipe.