LV 605 - Crew's Head

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The crew's head was adequate for the purpose, the crews were all male. The stalls contain one urinal and two water closets. Beyond the stalls are two fresh water showers. Fresh water and hot water for showers was usually rationed, “navy” showers were the order of the day. Sea water was used for the flushing systems. The ships tanks contained 14,000 gallons of fresh water; a steam operated evaporator was used to supplement the fresh water stored in the ships tanks, when necessary. The clothes washer and dryer, which has been removed, was located just beyond the mops.

The compartment with the half height door is the Hobby Shop, for those who wished to stay busy during their off-hours. The space is now used as the ships main work shop.

The deck hatch leads to the the forward hold which was used for dry goods storage.