Delta-01 Launch Control Facility

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Delta-01 is sited on an open, grassy tract of land approximately one-half mile north of Interstate 90's Exit 127. It occupies approximately 6.4 acres with approximately 1.85 acres located within the security fence. Approaching the site from the Interstate, it looks like a lone ranch house in the open grassland. A chain-link security fence, topped with strands of barbed wire, encloses the site's buildings and structures.The Launch Control Center (LCC), accessed from the LCF support building, is located below ground and is not visible.

The area inside the security fence includes a variety of electronic, mechanical, and recreational features designed to support operations and provide diversion for crew assigned to the facility. These features include a volleyball court, horseshoe pit, underground diesel storage tank, aboveground diesel storage tank, water well, gas pump, basketball hoop, flagpole, and utility poles. A code burner, used to destroy security codes, consisting of an open metal drum mounted on metal legs, is located near the volleyball court. Larger-scale resources within the security fence include the hardened high frequency (HF) transmit antenna, hardened HF receive antenna, hardened ultrahigh frequency (UHF) antenna, survivable low-frequency communication system antenna, Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) super-high-frequency satellite terminal antenna, television satellite dish, and HICS.

Code Burner
The code burner.