Delta-01 Tunnel Junction

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Buried approximately thirty-two feet below ground, the LCC is entered from the LCF support building through a reinforced-concrete access shaft that descends from a small vestibule at the back of the security center. Its entry shaft contains a small elevator and a steel-rung ladder surrounded by an open safety cage. The base of the shaft opens into a low-ceilinged vestibule that provides room for a bank of lockers and swing space for an eight-ton, steel-and-concrete blast door that seals the entrance to the control center.

The blast door is secured by twelve hydraulically operated latchpins placed around its perimeter. Emergency procedures allowed for the door to be opened by the facility manager from outside the LCC, but this would take about fifty minutes. When these pins retract, the door swings open on massive roller-bearing hinges to reveal a low, tunnel-like passageway leading to the LCC. Approaching the LCC, one passes the enormous blast door, crouches down to pass under a header of the tunnel, crosses a narrow walk between the outer and inner shell of the capsule, and then through an opening into the control center.

Control Center Blast Door
Blast Door