Delta-01 Launch Control Center

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The communications control (deputy commander's) console is centered against the south wall of the enclosure. It contains an array of radio and telephone equipment that enabled the crew to communicate with other LCFs, base headquarters, and SAC. At the side of each console is a small panel containing a spring-loaded, key-operated launch switch. The keys to these switches were kept in a double-padlocked, red steel box mounted above the deputy commander's console.

Lining the walls of the acoustical enclosure are heavy aluminum electronic racks containing computer equipment, radio transmitters and receivers, a telephone relay system, and a power control panel. The acoustical enclosure is also equipped with a stainless steel latrine, a small refrigerator / microwave oven unit, and a curtained sleeping compartment. The equipment in the LCC appears "ancient" by today's standards, but continued to be fully functional into the early 1990s when the site was deactivated.