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Steamship Virginia V
Steamship Virginia V

The steamship Virginia V is the last operational example of a Puget Sound Mosquito Fleet steamer. She was once part of a large fleet of small passenger and freight carrying ships that linked the islands and ports of Puget Sound in Washington State in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The triple-expansion, double-acting, reciprocating steam engine is the original, installed in 1922 when it was taken from the Virginia IV (formerly Tyrus). The parts were cast in 1898 at the Heffernan Machine Works in downtown Seattle as one of two identical engines built for the Army. The Virginia V's engine was assembled and installed in the Tyrus in 1904.

Year Built 1922
Length 125 feet
Beam 24 feet
Draft 8 feet
Displacement 150 tons
Tonnage 99 Gross , 67 Net
Engine Triple-Expansion Double-Acting Reciprocating
Cylinder Bore 10-1/2", 16-3/4", 28-1/2" (HP, IP, LP)
Stroke 18"
Horsepower 400
Fuel Consumption 20 – 50 gallons per hour
Propeller 75 inch diameter, 4-bladed